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How to Clean and Care for Your Velvet Shoes


We get it. As much as we all love the unique look and feel of velvet, you may ask "how do you care for such delicate material that is permanently affixed to the ground?"

Yes, velvet requires a certain level of upkeep, but the maintenance is easier than you may think.

Here's how.

  • Use Scotchguard or an alternative fabric protectant spray, compatible with velvet: spray at a safe distance (read the instruction) and evenly mist a thin coat over the shoes (we don't want to drench them). A spray protector won't make the velvet completely waterproof, but it will minimise day-to-day staining. 
  • Use a soft, dry brush (a soft toothbrush works well) to lightly scrub away any dirt between wears. Gently brush the pollution out and spot clean with warm water and a bit of soap if necessary. Dry the wet spot by gently dabbing the moisture with a clean cloth.
  • If wet, use a clean cloth to gently dab the moisture out as opposed to rubbing hard to avoid that 'crushed velvet' look. Once the velvet is dry, use a soft, dry brush in the direction of the pile to restore its plushness and loft. 
  • When storing the shoes, avoid folding them as it may cause the material to crease or lose its plush texture.

Velvet is more durable than you think, so you shouldn't be scared of wearing them out. Love your velvet shoes by following guidelines above, and we promise you'll effortlessly turn heads as you walk out the door in your velvet shoes.