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Shoe Care: Metallic Foil Leather


As you may have guessed it, we love metallic foil leathers at ASHLEY LIM. In fact, our very first collection consisted of, now known as our signature style, Ecstasy metallic tassel loafers.

Here are some characteristics intrinsic to metallic leather you may want to know about:

Metallic leather is a delicate material that is created by bonding a metallic foil finish over the underlying leather, hence it requires extra care when handling them. When metallic leather scuffs, it will expose the leather underneath. Unlike most smooth leathers where minor scratches and marks can be covered with a coloured polish, there’s no known process to re-foil the scuffs on metallic leather. Like all metallic foil finishes, once it's scuffed, it is irreversible. Furthermore, with time and abrasion, some surface finishing might be lost and it is just the way the metallic leather goods age over time.

General guidelines:

  • Apply a waterproofing spray that is specially designed for metallic leathers onto the shoes immediately prior to wearing to help avoid water-based stains.
  • Apply the same spray regularly and frequently if the shoes are worn often. 
  • The best maintenance is to be careful when wearing them!