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Her Story


Laura works in a corporate world where she manages various projects. She loves to start her day with yoga prior to work. After a beautiful practice, Laura puts on her ‘walking shoes’ to hustle her way to her work through the CBD and it always feels a little hurried and unceremonious, pushing through the crowd.

The company promotes a bicycle commute culture and provides lockers. She also has a locker and it is filled with her fancy shoes. She changes upon arrival from her walking shoes to work heels. After 8 hours of rigorous work, going to different meetings and visiting places, she is ready to come off the glam high heels.

The question always strikes Laura, a bubbly socialite who loves to catch up with her friends and loved ones after work: “Do I really want to meander through the night in this pair of glamorous yet painful shoes or compromise the look for comfort in a pair of dull flats?” Suddenly inspiration strikes: “Can we have it all?

Laura feels sexy and chic in what she wears and holds herself effortlessly both during the day and night; she can transit with ease and grace from her rigorous work environment to her vibrant social commitments with no compromises in her style. She walks to work in class, sophistication and inspiration; celebrating her every day as extraordinary, moment by moment.

Biking through the city in Kush white sneakers