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More than a mile in your shoes

ASHLEY LIM shoes are handcrafted with love and care to the finest details and love to be your partner in crime to win this exciting game called life! The following shoe care guidelines ensure you enjoy the maximum lifespan of ASHLEY LIM shoes.


While ASHLEY LIM shoes are designed to last, with appropriate and regular maintenance their lifespan can be greatly increased. To take care of them properly you’ll need to:

  • Clean your shoes regularly.
  • Keep the leather supple with a nourishing cream, applied in a thin layer and then buffed lightly with a soft cloth. This will keep the leather from becoming dry and cracked.
  • Polish metal hooks and eyelets to a bright shine – tarnish and dullness from the elements age a shoe before its time. 

Waterproof Treatments

Using a waterproof spray before your first wear is always a good idea. Waterproofing will add a layer of protection against normal everyday dampness, getting splashed in the street and caught in the rain.

Keep in mind that different leathers require different waterproof sprays. If in doubt, bring your shoes to a local shoe repair shop and ask for professional advice.

How to look after your shoes?

Regular maintenance of your shoes is very important. There are a few things to keep in mind depending on the material your shoes are made out of, and any mishaps you may have with them. To find out more, please read on. 


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Revitalise the Colour

If your shoes begin to fade because of natural wear and tear, you can bring them back to life with “revitalising” sprays. Always test a small area of the shoe on the inside before treating the whole shoe to avoid an uneven look or, in a worst-case scenario, damaged shoes.

Shoe Soles 

Our shoes are made with a high-quality rubber outsole that powers your everyday walk with better grip, durability and water resistance. These outsoles should be replaced regularly by a professional cobbler to maximise the lifespan of your shoes.

Your shoes should go as far as you do – and with proper care and love, they can. If you have further questions, please contact us via email.