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Bridal Shoes

At last, you have found the perfect wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dress looks stunning, the only element that’s missing is the perfectly matching pair of shoes.

Welcome to ASHLEY LIM bridal custom collection.

It’s your day. You want everything to be just right - especially your shoes - and together,we can create the dream pair of shoes for your and your bridesmaids.

We understand that you want to feel comfortable all day, and our luxury shoes are not only meticulously handcrafted, but divinely comfortable too!

The best news is you can now choose your style, finish, and colour from our beautiful range of luxury bridal shoes that are architecturally designed to provide that perfect balance between style and comfort.

Ok, sounds prefect - What next?

It really is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Select your style from our latest bridal collection
  2. Book a fitting and customisation session for you and your bridesmaids that includes a fine selection of canapes and champagne
  3. Sit back and look forward to receiving your carefully handmade shoes

We’d love to invite you to our showroom to experience our latest collection and the full range of customisation options available, which include the highest-quality velvet, suede, silk and leather.

Want to create your dream pair of shoes now?

Call: +61433754703

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