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Shoe Care: Suede


The key to the maintenance of any beautiful pair of suede shoes is ultimately prevention and a prompt response should any stains occur.

General guidelines:

  • Apply a stain protector and a waterproofing spray onto the shoes immediately after purchase and repeat regularly.
  • Always spray-guard your shoes before going out. This will provide your shoes with protection from any external pollution.
  • Keep your suede shoes out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.
  • When suede shoes get wet, a prompt response is required. A cloth or a towel must be used to soak up the moisture before letting the shoes air dry thoroughly.
  • Stains must not be left unattended for too long. The earlier it is treated; the less damaging it will be to the shoes. First, try using a “suede eraser”, followed by a suede rubber, ensuring that you are brushing the shoes in the same direction.
  • For oil stains, promptly rub some talcum powder onto the stain on the spot. Let it stand for a few hours before using the suede rubber to brush it off.
  • For major stains, we recommend taking the suede shoes to a shoe repair professional for the removal.