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Shoe Care: Silk Shoes


Silk shoes make for a luxurious compliment to any outfit but they are prone to dirt and stains, which can easily be taken care of.

General guidelines:

  • Apply one or two layers of waterproof spray to protect the shoes from pollution.
  • Avoid walking on damp grass and wet grounds.
  • When silk shoes get wet, they require immediate attention as this can lead to permanent water stains.
  • For minor stains or dirt, use a dry and clean piece of cloth to remove them from the surface of the shoes.
  • For larger stains, use a damp cloth and dab the area gently, following the texture of the silk. Remember not to exert any rubbing on the shoes with the damp cloth as it can create marks on the shoes.
  • If the stain persists, incorporate a mild liquid hand soap to the cloth before dabbing the stain. Another damp cloth must then be used to gently wipe off any soap that will remain on the shoe.