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More than a mile in your shoes...

How to look after your ASHLEY LIM shoes?

When it comes to shoe care, regular maintenance is the key. There are also a few things to keep in mind depending on the material your shoes are made of, and any mishaps you may have with them. With proper care and love, the lifespan of your shoes can be greatly increased. 

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While ASHLEY LIM shoes are designed to last, with appropriate and regular maintenance their lifespan can be greatly increased. To take care of them properly you’ll need to:

- Clean your shoes regularly.

- Keep the leather supple with a nourishing cream, applied in a thin layer and then buffed lightly with a soft cloth. This will keep the leather from becoming dry and cracked.

- Polish metal hooks and eyelets to a bright shine – tarnish and dullness from the elements age a shoe before its time. 

Using a waterproof spray before your first wear is always a good idea. Waterproofing will add a layer of protection against normal everyday dampness, getting splashed in the street and caught in the rain.

Keep in mind that different leathers require different waterproof sprays. If in doubt, bring your shoes to a local shoe repair shop and ask for professional advice.


We get it. As much as we all love the unique look and feel of velvet, you may ask "how do you care for such delicate material that is permanently affixed to the ground?"

Yes, velvet requires a certain level of upkeep, but the maintenance is easier than you may think.

Here's how:

- Use Scotchguard or an alternative fabric protectant spray, compatible with velvet: spray at a safe distance (read the instruction on the spray) and evenly mist a thin coat over the shoes (we don't want to drench them).

- A spray protector won't make the velvet completely waterproof, but it will minimise day-to-day staining. 

- Use a soft, dry brush (a soft toothbrush works well) to lightly scrub away any dirt between wears. Gently brush the pollution out and spot clean with warm water and a bit of soap if necessary. Dry the wet spot by gently dabbing the moisture with a clean cloth.

- If wet, use a clean cloth to gently dab the moisture out as opposed to rubbing hard to avoid that 'crushed velvet' look. Once the velvet is dry, use a soft, dry brush in the direction of the pile to restore its plushness and loft. When storing the shoes, avoid folding them as it may cause the material to crease or lose its plush texture.

Velvet is more durable than you think, so you shouldn't be scared of wearing them out. Love your velvet shoes by following guidelines above, and we promise you'll effortlessly turn heads as you walk out the door in your velvet shoes.

The key to the maintenance of any beautiful pair of suede shoes is ultimately prevention and a prompt response should any stains occur.

General guidelines:

- Apply a stain protector and a waterproofing spray onto the shoes immediately after purchase and repeat regularly.

- Always spray-guard your shoes before going out. This will provide your shoes with protection from any external pollution.

- Keep your suede shoes out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

- When suede shoes get wet, a prompt response is required. A cloth or a towel must be used to soak up the moisture before letting the shoes air dry thoroughly.

- Stains must not be left unattended for too long. The earlier it is treated; the less damaging it will be to the shoes. First, try using a “suede eraser”, followed by a suede rubber, ensuring that you are brushing the shoes in the same direction.

- For oil stains, promptly rub some talcum powder onto the stain on the spot. Let it stand for a few hours before using the suede rubber to brush it off.

- For major stains, we recommend taking the suede shoes to a shoe repair professional for the removal.

As you may have guessed it, we love metallic foil leathers at ASHLEY LIM! In fact, our very first collection consisted of, now known as our signature style, Ecstasy Metallic Tassel Loafers.

Here are some characteristics intrinsic to metallic leather you may want to know about:

Metallic leather is a delicate material that is created by bonding a metallic foil finish over the underlying leather, hence it requires extra care when handling them. When metallic leather scuffs, it will expose the leather underneath. Unlike most smooth leathers where minor scratches and marks can be covered with a coloured polish, there’s no known process to re-foil the scuffs on metallic leather. Like all metallic foil finishes, once it's scuffed, it is irreversible. Furthermore, with time and abrasion, some surface finishing might be lost and it is just the way the metallic leather goods age over time.

General guidelines:

- Apply a waterproofing spray that is specially designed for metallic leathers onto the shoes immediately prior to wearing to help avoid water-based stains.

- Apply the same spray regularly and frequently if the shoes are worn often. 

- The best maintenance is to be careful when wearing them!

Maintaining and looking after your patent leather shoes is easy, but they must be cared for differently than ordinary leather shoes. This is primarily because patent leather is coated with an additional high gloss finish. Since the appeal of patent shoes is its glossy finish, you'll want to keep them looking their best, through routine cleaning and shining. 

Fortunately, patent leather doesn't require waterproofing. However, patent leather can dry and crack over time. Treat with a shoe care product designed for patent shoe maintenance that cleans, adds high gloss, and increase resistance to cracking.

Silk shoes make for a luxurious compliment to any outfit but they are prone to dirt and stains, which can easily be taken care of.

General guidelines:

- Apply one or two layers of waterproof spray to protect the shoes from pollution.

- Avoid walking on damp grass and wet grounds.

- When silk shoes get wet, they require immediate attention as this can lead to permanent water stains.

- For minor stains or dirt, use a dry and clean piece of cloth to remove them from the surface of the shoes.

- For larger stains, use a damp cloth and dab the area gently, following the texture of the silk. Remember not to exert any rubbing on the shoes with the damp cloth as it can create marks on the shoes.

- If the stain persists, incorporate a mild liquid hand soap to the cloth before dabbing the stain. Another damp cloth must then be used to gently wipe off any soap that will remain on the shoe.

In case your shoes get wet, here are some helpful tips for the proper drying of soaked shoes.

General guidelines:

- Pat dry with a cloth.

- If inside of shoes is wet through, stuff them with newspaper or other absorbent material to leech moisture from the shoe.

- Leave shoes in an airy, ventilated area to air dry – NEVER use a heat source or leave shoes in the sun, as this will shrink and damage the shoes. 

Red wine on your shoes is an emergency: act fast.

A commercial leather cleaner is the first aid of choice; if you don’t have any, here’s a tip: pour table salt on the stain and let it soak up the wine for a few minutes.

Brush off the salt and wipe the area with a cloth soaked in white wine or club soda, then buff with a clean dry cloth and naturally air dry the shoe. When completely dry, clean with leather cleaner and conditioner! 

Removing salt stains quickly is crucial to avoid permanent damage.

Apply water mixed with a few drops of lemon or a designated cleaning agent and gently rub off the salt with a sponge or soft cloth. Let the shoe air dry, and then treat with polish.

If your shoes begin to fade because of natural wear and tear, you can bring them back to life with “revitalising” sprays. Always test a small area of the shoe on the inside before treating the whole shoe to avoid an uneven look or, in a worst-case scenario, damaged shoes.

Our shoes are made with a high-quality rubber outsole that powers your everyday walk with better grip, durability and water resistance. These outsoles should be replaced regularly by a professional cobbler to maximise the lifespan of your shoes.