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5월 15, 2018 2 min read

Vogue editorial 'Simple Thread' styles 'Femme' ankle boots in two ways 

“I don’t like fussy things anymore,” claims Australian model Emma Balfour in her Vogue Viewpoint interview.

After her time in London as a model in the 90s, counting Kate Moss, Dick Page, Guido and Melanie Ward as her contemporaries, she decided to return to Australia and settled at Bondi Beach. Moving away from the extravagance of high fashion, Balfour came to appreciate ‘no-nonsense simplicity’ in her wardrobe.

Simple Threads Vogue Viewpoint Interview with Emma Balfour in Vogue Australia May issue 2018 featuring Femme kitten heel ankle boots

Gradually departing from the world of fashion in pursuit of her other personal interests such as family and poetry has seen her turn to fuss-free staple, investment pieces that will stand the test of time and the rigours of everyday life.

“I hate buying things that don’t last,” - Emma Balfour

From a 90s style icon to a grounded poet and mother of two today, Balfour’s transformational journey is reflected in her wardrobe. For Balfour, who spends as many days as work will allow horse-riding in Sydney’s Centennial Park, timeless and transitional essentials are what she values throughout her day. In the evenings, however, she likes to wear something far more exciting.

Australian model Emma Balfour wearing a Baja East dress and EOD Femme white kitten heel ankle boots

In the ‘Simple Thread’ interview, our Femme ankle boots demonstrate they are highly versatile: red Femme boots are styled with everyday quality pieces such as red pants by Strateas Carlucci and a top by Scanlan Theodore whilst the white Femme boots look fabulous, paired with a more audacious dress by Baja East.

Bold yet practical shoes that make a statement? Our Femme boots got you sorted!

Photos courtesy of Vogue Australia 
Writter: Alice Birrell
Stylist: Petta Chua
Photograper: Duncan Killick
Hair: Pete Lennon
Makeup: Peter Beard
Props: Sophie Fletcher