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5월 30, 2017 1 min read

Women's Designer Shoes - Pink Velvet Tara Pumps and Nude Leather Bonnie Flats with Contrast Black Straps

Claire Finneran, the associate editor of TimeOut chats to Ashley Lim, Creative Director of Extraordinary Ordinary Day about the story behind EOD shoes. 

In the interview, Ashley draws parallels between architecture and shoe design and how her background as a professional architect translates into shoe design. She also shares her challenges in growing Extraordinary Ordinary Day into the successful company it is today. As an architect she used to begin the design process by studying a site and understanding the client and their brief; each shoe collection begins with her creative idea and available resources, and what her customers want in their shoes. Collaboration is the key to everything, the shoe design process is made up of those important building blocks from conception to the final product, just like in architecture.

The hard work that goes into handcrafting each shoe as our production is managed with the highest attention to detail, and how the expertise of our shoe craftsmen is crucial to the shoe making, from the design stage.

 "they're built to last and to exude a confidence that can be rocked all day and night." - Claire Finneran, TimeOut

Take a walk around Central Park Sydney and before stopping for an Asian delight in Spice Alley, come and see us in our cosy store at 28 Kensington St, Chippendale. Read the full TimeOut article by Claire Finneran here.

Women's Designer Leather Footwear - Olive Green and Navy Blue Low Pump Heels

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Women's Designer Handcrafted Shoes - Storefront

Our gorgeous shopfront on Kensington St

All images courtesy of Anna Kucera for TimeOut Sydney