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6월 01, 2015 1 min read

#DUALITY Editorial 

Women's Designer Shoes - Black Embossed Leather Venus D'Orsay FlatVenus d'Orsay flats in black and burgundy

Women's Designer Leather Shoes - Leather Lovelace Brogues in Black Patent Leather with a Cut-OutLovelace derby brogues in pink + black

Women's Handmade Premium Leather Shoes - Venus D'Orsay Leather Flats in Embossed Burgundy Leather Venus d'Orsay flats in burgundy 

Women's Premium Leather Shoes - Rainbow Pink Ecstasy Leather LoafersEcstasy loafers in rainbow pink

Women's Handmade Leather Footwear - Ecstasy Loafers in Pink and Black LeatherEcstasy loafers in rainbow pink and rainbow black

Women's Designer Leather Sandals - Comet Sandals In Metallic Silver And Rainbow Black

Comet sandals in metallic silver and rainbow black

Premium Handmade Leather Boots - Moon Boot In Platinum and Shimmering PinkMoon Boot in Platinum and Shimmering Pink

Women's Designer Shoes - Black Space Kitten Boots

Space Kitten boots in Black

Women's Premium Leather Footwear - Ecstasy Loafers in Rainbow Pink and Rainbow BlackEcstasy loafers in rainbow pink and rainbow black

Women's Handmade Leather Shoes - Metallic Silver Comet SandalsComet sandals in metallic silver

A fun and colourful editorial by Fashion Journal x #Duality! Look good at any angle with EOD's latest collection of women's footwear. Uber stylish, versatile and incredibly comfortable, EOD shoes allow you to be powerful, sexy and confident all day, and all in comfort.