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11월 02, 2016 2 min read


EOD by ASHLEY LIM Women's Designer Shoes - Channel 7 Press for Race Day

Image courtesy of Channel 7 News

As the Melbourne Cup approaches, Channel 7 reports why you shouldn't sacrifice style for comfort this year at the races.

"At these glamorous events, heels can be as important as the horses for fashion conscious ladies, but if they are too high there is risk of back and ankle injury or even nerve damage to the feet," said President of the the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW & ACT), Kylie McCulloch. 

The Association is warning ladies to 'keep heel height right' to avoid painful injury, as reports of back and foot problems increase dramatically during the spring race events.

"I have seen too many cases of my fellow women doing some serious damage to their feet for the sake of fashion," said McCulloch, who sees more than 7,000 patients each year.

Mcculloch recommends that women can find a pair of fashionable alternatives to heels that can "wreck your feet".

Extraordinary Ordinary Day, strives to bring women the best of both worlds, combining style and comfort with mid to low heel shoes.

EOD shoes are handcrafted and designed for maximum comfort, whilst keeping on trend with urban Sydney design aesthetic to match the sensibilities of contemporary women.

"It gives you better support," said designer and EOD founder, Ashley Lim. "It actually enables you to walk properly."

90 percent of women get foot pain within an hour of wearing high heels, which can lead to numbness, foot and ankle injury, back jarring and inflammation. In the long term, wearing heels can also cause create clawed digits, foot deformities, back pain and osteoarthritis.

EOD wishes to empower women to express themselves stylishly with shoes that make them feel confident, and are comfortable enough for all-day, everyday wear.

Watch the full report here.