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8월 25, 2018 1 min read

Colour me impressed...

Aesthetica Magazine is one of the leading publications for art, design and photography from the UK. The latest issue 84, Global Initiatives, looks at the human story, with sustainability as the key concept of our time.

The cover story image features our coveted IRIS slingback flats. Shot at the Hornsby lighthouse, in the Northern reaches of Sydney, the editorial has both an ethereal and whimsical essence that we aspire to. Bold, bright colours like lilac, red and blue with a mirror reflecting the sky back to us creates an enchanting moment that inspires us as we transition from winter to spring.

Aesthetica Magazine August 2018 issue editorial photoshoot with EOD Iris slingback flats

Images courtesy of Aesthetica Magazine.
Photography by Sally Ann & Emily May
Styling by Amy Love
Make-up my Dempsey Rai
Modelled by Merry Mae