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1월 25, 2017 1 min read

Extraordinary Ordinary Day EOD Blog Women's March

Image Courtesy of Catalogue Magazine

January 21st 2017- a day every feminist will remember. 

Although the main focus remained on the Women's March on Washington, the protest gathered immense international support, with "sister marches" occurring in over 200 cities in 81 countries, and global participation numbers estimated at over 4.8 million.

I’m marching because I’m a woman of colour; we’re currently under-represented in a lot of sectors of work here. You know there are a lot of other women that I feel don’t really know how important their voices are in this particular movement. And today is an opportunity to rise up with 616 other marches and come together and be active within your local community. It’s really important to take these opportunities and turn them into change.” - Kresta Lokumarambage, Partners Coordinator for the Women’s March on Sydney

The power of #WomensMarch united supporters as men, women and children marched in solidarity for women's rights, as well as other causes including racial justice, immigration reforms and religious freedom.

With a vision of empowering women, Extraordinary Ordinary Day (EOD) is in full support of the movement and hope to use this opportunity to highlight the importance of feeling powerful every single day. We believe that every female should be proud of her identity, bold in her self-expression and confident to be in control.

Read the voices of other protesters of the Women's March on Sydney here.

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