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12월 08, 2017 1 min read

EOD Tara Pink Velvet Pumps on Alexia Petsinis

As the year-end party season fast approaches, there’s always a lot of confusion as to how one should dress to impress. Do we play safe and stick to our normal wardrobe pieces, or do we spice it up? Join Alexia Petsinis as she masters the art of party dressing with her Tara Pink Velvet Pumps on her blog, Notes By A.



“I feel as though they should be framed or placed under lights in the Musée des Chicness” - Alexia Petsinis

In her recent blog post, Alexia pairs her Tara Pink Velvet Pumps with a hand-crochet dress, which in her opinion, is thoroughly enthralling without being overwhelming. She also likens our Tara Pink Velvet Pumps to an artistic masterpiece, worthy to be admired for its craftsmanship and design ingenuity.

EOD Tara Pink Velvet Pumps on Alexia Petsinis

Available in various colours in both supple leather and velvet, our luscious Tara pumps are a great way to up your spirit for festivities. Its unique wrap fold style that hugs all the curves of your feet, creates a feminine and sleek look with a great amount of support for all the dancing that you will be doing.

EOD Tara Pink Velvet Pumps on Alexia Petsinis

Check out Alexia’s full blog here.

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