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8월 02, 2016 1 min read

Fashion Blogger - Extraordinary Ordinary Day EOD a Staple Wardrobe Piece

Marilee rocking her Sheba pumps featured in her blog, A Parallel Closet along with Ellery skirt, Michael Lo Sordo blouse, Alexander Wang bag.

Many face the dilemma of being unable to cut through the clutter in their wardrobes that clearly defines their unique sense of style from others. Marilee Pham, the founder of A Parallel Closet, has blogged about her recent journey on establishing staple wardrobe pieces that allow her to set her impeccable fashion sense apart from the rest of the fashion world. 

An eye catching design that adds elegance to any outfit” — Marilee Pham

Featuring our Sheba pumps in her blog post, Marilee discusses the elegant touch the shoes provide to her outfits. Versatile in its design, it has the ability to be worn in both relaxed and professional settings. The Sheba pump considers sensible comfort and sophistication in its design, catering to women in all professional backgrounds. 

Minimalistic sophistication and timelessness incorporated into EOD's designs, Marilee mentions the founder and creative director Ashley’s architecture background, describing the shoes as superior in design and comfort.

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