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5월 17, 2016 1 min read

Fashion Blog - Extraordinary Ordinary Day EOD High Heels Wear You Down

Image Courtesy of Huffington Post

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, model-turned-designer, Mari Giudicelli highlighted the problem with the fashion industry constantly prioritising aesthetics over the more concerning factors of health and well-being.

"There’s a lot media and celebrities being thrown in your face send the message that heels make you sexy, heels make you look good, and makes your legs look great ... but there should also be that much information about how bad they are for you.”


Images and video courtesy of Huffington Post.

Yet many women continue to wear high heels because it instantly creates an elongated body image and posture, that seems to boost women's self-confidence. 

This is why EOD strives to create a collection of stylish shoes that composed of low to mid heels to provide women with a high level of comfort. Our vision is to empower women to be strong and proud of who they are through what they put on their feet and how they walk through their day. We aim to encourage women to experience real confidence that comes from within, not from the gaze of others. By spreading this positive message of authentic confidence, self-expression and freedom we take steps to transform the media's current distorted projection of how women should look like.

You want to be a powerful woman 27/4 so why not wear comfortable shoes that give you that? And you can transmit that to other people.” — Mari Giudicelli

Read the full article here.

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