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7월 13, 2015 1 min read

Hong Kong’s poetic coexistence of old and new in such an extreme manner makes it an exciting and unique city. Unlike Seoul, Hong Kong’s new apartments shoot out from nowhere co-mingling with the old ones. Like lush trees, they spring up tall and fast filling any gap in this densely built city. There’s construction on almost every corner, and the old cultures mixing with the new to create something magical. From luxurious modern malls to knock-off street markets, it seems to me Hong Kong’s consumerism surpasses that of many western cities like New York City.

At first glance you might find Hong Kong overwhelming and rather gritty, but this is simply a deceptive façade. Turn to any corner on the streets and witness the immense architectural diversity. With brands like Prada and Gucci all showcasing the best it has to offer, zealous shoppers flock in from around the globe in search of the hottest fashion trends. There’s no doubt Hong Kong is the shopper’s heaven.

Did I mention the heat? This of course is just a small price to pay to witness one of the most exciting growths in the 21st century. But be sure to leave your fancy stilettos behind and grab your Extraordinary Ordinary Day (EOD) walking flats because Hong Kong’s steep hills will certainly get you panting.

Hong Kong skylight       Hong Kong street

Hong Kong food        Hong Kong street1

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