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5월 13, 2016 1 min read

Fashion Blog - Extraordinary Ordinary Day EOD Say Si To Passion

Image courtesy of The Sì Women’s Circle.

“Yes” is a powerful word.

Some women, however, aren’t comfortable in saying it as often as they should. Giorgio Armani is giving women a voice by creating The Sì Women’s Circle. The ambassador of his fragrance Sì, Australian actress Cate Blanchett has started the conversation by addressing the difficulty in saying YES. She encourages women to embrace their duality, and have the courage to say Sì to their passions. When women push through the doubt in life, a door opens to something new.

A woman who has said Sì to her passion and is now living her dreams is Kee-Yoon Kim. Born in Berlin to Korean parents, Kee-Yoon took a massive step in leaving her career in law to embrace her passion for being a comedian. She didn’t want to do what has expected of her anymore, she says life is too short to be small. So she aimed big.

“When we decide to change our life, this fear of the unknown, where nothing is certain, where you have to find your own path must be faced one day at a time.”

Women all around the world can take inspiration from women like Kee-Yoon and begin living their passions and push through the doubt.

“The world is ours. There is no limit. Limits are in our minds.”

Read more about the Sì Women's Circle here.

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