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4월 28, 2016 2 min read

Orthotics Fashion Blog - Extraordinary Ordinary Day EOD Women's Shoes

Don't we all want to wear a pair of shoes that not only look good but most importantly feel great all day?

When you’re a part of the royal family though, this can be a little difficult, as one is always expected to present a higher standard of class in the eyes of the public. This includes the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton who has garnered much attention for her unquestionable elegance and sophistication with her timeless classic style.

During her recent seven-day royal tour of India though, the Daily Mail noticed several podiatric problems with the Duchess' feet when she took her heels off at the Gandhi Smiriti museum as a sign of respect. The article includes photos and comments from two podiatrists who highlight the issues with the Duchess’ choice of shoes.

“There looks like there may be some rubbing or even the start of a corn on the little toe. You can also see the fourth and fifth toes deviate towards the centre of the foot.”

Analysed podiatrist, David Wein, who explained that the problem is usually caused from the wearing of pointed-toe high heels, much like the ones she was wearing on the day.

Her enlarged big toe joint was also pointed out by podiatrist, Charlotte Wood who said that

“This often leads to thickening at this joint which is clearly visible, and often leads to arthritis. If this condition was to worsen it can lead to hallux rigidus whereby there is no motion at all in the big toe joint.”
Can_fashion_and_orthotics_come_together Can_fashion_and_orthotics_come_together1

Images courtesy of the Daily Mail.

We sat down with Kylie McCulloch, the President of the Australian Podiatry Association to discuss the importance of orthotics and get her feedback on the comfort level of our Extraordinary Ordinary Day (EOD) shoes.

As not only a podiatrist but a mother and fashion forward woman, Kylie shared her thoughts with our Creative Director, Ashley Lim about the lack of fashionable shoe designs that offer an appropriate level of comfort in the market.

She also pointed out that many of her patients, despite spending great amounts of money and time, ended up abandoning orthotics because they favoured their fashionable shoes that are not designed to accommodate such devices.

We can offer people orthotics but once they leave the practice, if they can’t fit them in their favourite shoes they’re not going to wear them.” — Kylie McCulloch, President of the Australian Podiatry Association

This is why it is important for women to have comfortable and supportive options within the fashionable shoe range. Kylie advised that one-inch heels are ideal for comfort so we had her try on our signature style: Ecstasy tassel loafers and got her to share her opinion. She found EOD shoes well cushioned, and loved the non-slip tapered heel counter.

These are the perfect fit for me.

Can_fashion_and_orthotics_come_together3 Can_fashion_and_orthotics_come_together4_ecstasy_loafers Can_fashion_and_orthotics_come_together5

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