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5월 22, 2015 2 min read


When it comes to innovation and technology, South Korea leads the world with name brands like Samsung, LG and Hyundai, all known for their unique design and superior quality. The Korean Wave sine the 1990’s has brought new light and impact in western countries for the quality in Korean craftsmanship and culture. Despite this, there are many challenges that top Korean designers like Choi Bo Ko, Rich Kim, and Lee Sang Bong have to face. The negative stigma of inferiority associated with made in Asian as in many ways impeded the growth of Asian brands. But Korean born Australian designer Ashley Lim believes this stigma is a notion not a fact, and intends to eliminate this with her premium quality and architecturally crafted shoes. There’s a new wave of Korean sensibility that strives for excellence at the highest level with a global awareness. From that very mould comes Extraordinary Ordinary Day (EOD), a Sydney-based lifestyle designer shoe brand that fuses Korean craftsmanship with an architect’s insight for structure and comfort.

Each shoe is handcrafted and built to perfection by a small family owned manufacturer in Seoul, adding a fresh meaning to detail and quality. Deriving her inspiration from her rich cultural background and training as a professional architect, she aspires to redefine the image of the modern woman. This translates into a design that is elegant, powerful, sexy, feminine, and most of all comfortable, without losing the unique sense of style. As a boutique brand, EOD sets itself apart by incorporating the unique quality and skill in craftsmanship available in Seoul that is known throughout the fashion capitals like New York, London and Paris. It is only a matter of time for the Australian market to catch on to this great opportunity. For Ms. Lim this provides an opportunity to reconnect with her origins and share with the Australian market, the rich culture that has heavily influenced her life. Pick up her shoes and you get a feel of the superior craftsmanship embedded within the design. The engineered cushion technology gives each shoe impeccable comfort and style, celebrating every ordinary day as extraordinary.

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