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October 20, 2018 1 min read

Give your spring/summer wardrobe an elegant, feminine update

The new season has finally arrived, and according to Lita magazine, Iris slingback flats are a must-have when creating a stylish yet laid-back wardrobe this season.

"Shine a new perspective on feminine favourites and look back to antiquated florals"

This season, there is a new neutral - lavender, as a soft shade of purple, easily compliments the most common colours of the season: beige, blush, and florals.

As styled in the latest Issue of Lita Magazine, Iris lavender slingback flats beautifully match with the three biggest trends of spring/summer.

Trend 1: Linens

Come warm weather lighter fabrics and materials such as linen become wardrobe staples. Relaxed shirts, dresses, and pants in linen are the building blocks to compose a casual look that is both elegant and easy to wear. 

Trend 2: Blush Tones

Neutrals never go out of style, but by injecting nude blush tone and pink hues with a tinge of white, you can elevate your outfits to new heights with a fresh, feminine touch.

Trend 3: Subtle but Confident

While it may be heating up outside, this change of weather doesn't always need to be reflected by higher hemlines or shorter sleeves in the office. Instead, choose an outfit with floral prints or dynamic silhouettes to create a fresh and confident look for the boardroom meeting as well as a lively after-work event.

Images courtesy of Lita Magazine.
Photographer: Heidi Huttunen
Fashion Editor: Shannon Clayworth
Beauty Editor: Keli Stack
Fashion Assistant: Pate Sowane
Model: Brittany Hazelman