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April 21, 2016 1 min read

Women's Designer Shoes - EOD Featured On Fashion Weekly - Brand History and Shoe Making

Image Courtesy of Fashion Weekly

Fashion Weekly, one of Brisbane’s leading fashion magazines that inspire women to explore and celebrate their own style recently caught up with our Creative Director, Ashley Lim. They were able to gain an insight into her thoughts on stilettos, the emerging trends in her latest collections and motivations that led to a career switch from architecture into fashion.

Women's Designer Shoes - Fashion_Weekly_Magazine_Press Featured Babylon Leather Pumps in BlackOur Babylon pumps, available in black and white.

Ashley shares how her architectural background allows her to execute detail immaculately into the EOD shoe designs. Her passion for comfort, however, comes from her own frustrations as a career woman who was used to running around to meetings in painful heels.

Many women often wear stilettos for the style and status because they create an upright posture with an elongated look, which is not only unbearably uncomfortable but negatively impacting on the spine. To overcome this dilemma, Ashley strives to create the perfect pairing from the best of both worlds: style and comfort.


That’s why I’m driven to offer stylish shoes that can produce that confidence and elegance, but within a comfortable design.” — Ashley Lim

You can read the full interview here.