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November 07, 2016 1 min read

Women's Designer Shoes - Tracy Holmes Interviews Ashley Lim

Image courtesy of Tracey Holmes

After stumbling onto our Chippendale boutique, ABC's Tracey Lee Holmes sat down with Creative Director, Ashley Lim to chat about shoes, career switches and what makes everyday ordinary day just extraordinary.

Working as an architect for many years, Lim had always wanted to create her own fashion label. Lim launched her first collection of handcrafted shoes in Aug 2014. In 2016, the brand, Extraordinary Ordinary Day, opened its first flagship in the heart of Sydney.

'Fashion is a personal passion project. Architecture was a kind of safe space for me to be creative, at the same time, having a secure job,' said Lim.

A seasoned traveller, Holmes noted how South Korean society appears to mix order and preciseness with creativity. Lim agreed, highlighting that Korean society has 'so much life inside' and how this is influenced by the nation's volatile history of rebuilding after the Korean War.

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, which she identified as 'quite conservative', Lim weighed in on the differences between living in homogenous South Korea and multicultural Australia.

'Coming to Australia and living here has really freed my mind. I get exposed to diverse opinions. In Korea, I was always worried how my opinion would be perceived by others.'

Holmes and Lim also discussed the meaning behind the brand's 'tongue-tying' and 'hard to type' name, and why despite criticism, she decided to 'stick with it' because of its powerful message.

'My brand is about every ordinary day being extraordinary, really appreciating every moment. To be able to that, we need to to live everyday as extraordinary. So we need extraordinary shoes for everyday!'

Watch the full interview here.