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April 14, 2017 1 min read

TARA pump heels in pink

Our new collection Scarlett offers a sense of sophisticated elegance and feminine glamour; thanks to velvet as our new primary material. Yet, there is a discernible sense of scepticism surrounding the practicality of these velvet shoes as everyday wear. With the right type of tender care and maintenance, velvet shoes can be the perfect adornment for your feet and can add a sensual touch to any outfit.

Women’s Designer Mary Jane Shoes - Ladies Footwear - Scarlett Navy Velvet Mary Jane Heels Online


To ensure that its luscious exterior remains intact, it is best to invest in a reliable protective coating spray, one that is suitable for the fine texture of velvet. This will protect the surface of the shoes from the rain or other forms of pollution. In this case, it is true what they say: prevention is the cure. With velvet shoes, a clothes brush is your new best friend. Brush the shoes gently every time they are worn to maintain its smooth, matte complexion. Velvet shoes love to be pampered. Even with layers of protecting coating, it is still possible for small, minor stains to become imprinted on the exterior. Here is where a dry and unused toothbrush comes in handy. Gently brush the stain off the velvet surface and the result will be as good as new.


Women’s Designer Mary Jane Shoes - Ladies Footwear - Scarlett Olive Velvet Mary Jane Heels Online

SCARLETT Mary Jane pumps in olive green


For more information on the upkeep of velvet shoes and other types of shoes that we offer, read more here.

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