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December 22, 2016 3 min read

We have compiled the popular personality styles according to individual character traits and iconic outfits, and recommended some of our EOD shoes that would elevate the styles. You are bound to recognise yourself in one of the personalities listed below, so find the perfect shoes with this ultimate gift guide now.  

#1. The Corporate Go-Getter 

5 Persoality Styles - The Corporate Go-Getter - Ecstasy Loafer - Sheba Pump

Image courtesy of We the People

The Go-Getter gets work done and does it looking sharp, sleek and smart in structured pieces. 

You are a minimalist to the core and prefer monochromatic basics and highly wearable pieces- white shirts, pantsuits, pencil skirts, blazers, classic pumps, you name it. Always on the go, you crave quality and comfort blended with style.

For the working lady, we recommend 1.the Sheba Pumps in Black (above left), or 2. the Ecstasy Loafers in Patent Black (above right) to update your outfit and give your style a boost with some corporate cred.


#2. Romantic Dreamer

5 Personality Styles - Romantic Dreamer - Comet Sandals - Urban Slider

Image Courtesy of Closet Full of Clothes

Free-spirited and feminine, the romantic dreamer drifts towards flowy fabrics and vintage styles. You love delicate designs and gentle shapes, and you just can’t say no to soft hues and florals! Your style is youthful, relaxed and pretty and you often take inspiration from the simple things. 

We recommend 1. the Comet Metallic Sandal in Silver (above left) and 2. the Comet Metallic Sandal in Platinum, or 3. the Urban Slider in White (above right), for any romantic who wants to add a chic touch to a casual outfit.


 #3. Glamorous Allurer

5 Persoality Styles - Glamorous Allurer - Babylon Pump - Palmyra Flats

Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Polished and pristine, the glamourous allurer breathes confidence and gravitates towards classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. Your mantra is ‘sexy, stylish, sophisticated’, and beautiful womanly pieces in figure flattering shapes are your go-to.

To add some elegant panache to any outfit, we recommend 1. the Babylon Pumps in White and Gold (above left) or 2. the Palmyra Flat in Ivory (above right).


#4. Creative Curator 

5 Persoality Styles - Creative Curator - Persia Loafers - Venus D'Orsay flats

Image Courtesy of POPSUGAR

You love high fashion and have eclectic tastes. Loud prints and mixing textures are your bread and butter, and you always lean towards the latest and boldest avant-garde trends. You’re a trendsetter who’s not afraid to experiment and loves to have fun with fashion!

For the fashion fanatic, we recommend 1. the Persia in Black and Silver(above left), or 2. the Venus D’orsay Flat in Black (above right). With timeless silhouette, these designs are guaranteed to harmonise with any outfit.


#5. Care-free Tomboy

5 Persoality Styles - Care-free Tom Boy - Kush sneakers - Ecstasy Loafers

Image Courtesy of We the People

A peek into the care-free tomboy’s wardrobe sees mostly classic garçon shapes and immaculate masculine-inspired pieces. You’re a modern woman and love the effortlessly cool look. You crave function and comfort, but also want to express your energetic spirit and rebellious style.

Metallic accents are so on trend this year, and we recommend 1. the Kush Sneakers in Black (above left), or 2. the Ecstasy Loafer in Metallic Gold(above right) or 3. the Kush Sneaker in White to add some funky flair to your outfit. 

There you have it- fashionable shoes for every personality style. Whether you're a corporate fashionista, or a down-to-earth cool girl, we've got you covered to help you feel and look powerful, confident and sexy all day.

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